Is there an eerie noise coming out of your Io code? Here's how to fix it:

$ git clone git://
$ cd eerie
$ io ~/.profile
$ source ~/.profile

What did you say Eerie is for?

Using external libraries (or addons, if you insist) in Io isn't exactly fabulous, not to mention the case when addons have some C code.

Eerie brings to Io what other languages have enjoyed for a long time: simplicity of using other people's code in your own projects as well as splitting your own code into smaller parts.

How can I help?

Documentation always needs some love, that's for sure. If documentation isn't your thing but squashing bugs or implementing new features is, feel free to submit patches and pull requests over at GitHub.

Who is maintaining this?

Eerie is written by Josip Lisec, a student from Faculty of Organisation and Informatics, University of Zagreb.

The code is published under MIT license, so you are free to do whatever you want with the code (just don't use it for your evil plans).


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